Gengetopt Eclipse IconGengetopt Eclipse

by Lorenzo Bettini

Gengetopt Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin providing an editor for GNU Gengetopt input files.

For the moment, this editor provides (new features will be added in the future):
There is currently no associated builder, since it is assumed that gengetopt files are used in projects using makefiles.

Gengetopt eclipse is free and open source, under the GNU GPL License.

Announces of new releases will be posted on my blog in this section:


As with most eclipse plugins, the easiest way to install gengetopt eclipse is via the eclipse update manager:
  1. Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install
  2. Search for new features to install
  3. New Remote Site
  4. Name: Gengetopt Eclipse, URL: 
Alternatively, you can download the zip file containing the plugin and unzip it inside the eclipse directory. The zip can be downloaded from here:


The sources of gengetopt eclipse can be obtained via CVS (you can find the instructions here:


You can create a new .ggo file using the "New... Other..." wizard
gengetopt eclipse wizard

This is the gengetopt file editor in action (with code completion, available through Ctrl + Space)

Gengetopt editor in action

The editor also provides a menu "Gengetopt", from where you can automatically format the contents of the .ggo file, as shown in the following screenshot (where the contents have already been formatted):

The format menu and its result Logo